Automation for A Polished Practice

Dermatology practices use Clearwave to alleviate front desk workloads and boost throughput, allowing you to maximize efficiency and profitability while providing a solution that increases patient satisfaction overall. 

Truly Self-Service Patient Engagement
For Dermatology Practices

Dermatology practices use Clearwave to enhance the patient experience in busy offices, create dynamic and productive work streams for staff and efficiently capture revenue. Clearwave automates patient scheduling, registration, eligibility verification and communications in one effective and centralized solution.

A Digital Front Door


Your Digital Front Door

Today, patients demand a self-service healthcare experience. Your ability to meet these expectations is critical for patient acquisition and retention. From scheduling to payments, Clearwave empowers dermatology practices to create a digital front door that delivers the patient engagement experience they now expect—while giving them the power to connect with their providers quickly and easily. With Clearwave, you can bring in more patients, foster healthy, long-term relationships with existing patients, and offer a patient-first digital experience that differentiates your services from competing providers.

Eliminate Financial Surprises


Eliminate Financial Surprises

With Clearwave, dermatology practices can automate insurance eligibility verification and other financial processes to confirm patient coverage, payment information and even provide estimates for care. Automated tools can help track patient deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, and other financial information to provide patients with more accurate estimates, so there aren’t any unnecessary financial surprises post-appointment. With automated insurance verification and configurable staff workflows, you can reduce claims rejections and time spent by staff chasing down patients and payers.

24/7 Patient Scheduling

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24/7 Patient Self-Scheduling

Patients want online scheduling options, so they can schedule and change appointments quickly, easily and on their own time. With Clearwave’s 24/7 online self-scheduling tool, patients can book appointments when it’s convenient for them—even if it’s after hours or last minute. Additionally, with self-service scheduling and an automated waitlist, canceled appointments are re-released back into inventory for patients who need an urgent or same-day visit. Maximize your providers’ schedules, bring in more patients, and reduce staff intervention in scheduling needs.

Upsell Premium Services


Upsell Premium Services

Use collected demographic data to seamlessly direct relevant patients to premium dermatology services. Clearwave creates a rich repository of patient data and demographic information, which helps identify candidates for premium services. Spend less on marketing activities, and instead, use Clearwave to build a simple check-in workflow that creates patient awareness of additional, revenue-driving services in just seconds. Clearwave will capture patients who’ve expressed an interest as they check-in. Save your staff from awkward scripts and conversations. Create significant, immediate advertising savings and reach just the right audience.

Patient-led Registration


Patient-led Registration

With truly self-service patient registration, your staff can spend more time interacting with patients, rather than inputting patient data manually or having awkward payment conversations. Use Clearwave self-registration via kiosk, mobile, tablet, pre-registration links, or a combination, to reduce wait times and provide an overall better patient experience. With Clearwave, patients can pre-register for their visit in advance, meaning no more wasted time filling out forms in the waiting room. Patients can complete all the necessary demographic and medical history information and take care of co-pays and balances on their own devices.

Automate Patient Communication

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Automate Patient Communication

Connect with your patients using Clearwave’s automated appointment reminders, two-way texting, recalls and more. There’s no better way to drive patient satisfaction than through targeted communications that help your patients keep their appointments top-of-mind, reducing no-shows and lapsed patients — all without staff intervention. Configure automated and customized patient communications by appointment type and ensure your patients come in when they’re supposed to.

The Clearwave Impact

Patients checked-in and appointments scheduled
Integrations with popular PMS, EMR and HIS
Payers for real-time eligibility verification
Eligibility checks of primary, secondary and tertiary benefits

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