The Eye Care Institute

The Eye Care Institute opened its doors in Louisville, KY in 1984. It performs over 1,500 surgical procedures, over 1,000 LASIK and other laser procedures, and has over 36,000 office visits each year. They knew they wanted to implement kiosks, but they were also searching for a company that would integrate with their practice management solution, Nextech, the leading healthcare technology provider for specialty physician practices. The Eye Care Institute wanted to collect more data on their patients, especially to help them have cleaner claims.


  • Front desk employees were mostly entry-level and unspecialized.
  • There was a high turnover rate and they were often having to train new people.
  • Patient data was not updated in real time, which was resulting in unnecessary claims denials.
  • Check-in was taking as long as 20 minutes.
  • The Eye Care Institute knew patients wanted them to use technology that was so readily available in other industries.
  • Verifying eligibility took a long time, and getting claims paid was a slow process. The Eye Care Institute was looking for a way to help these processes move faster.



The Eye Care Institute collaborated with Clearwave and Nextech to implement the following patient access solution: Clearwave’s kiosks, Enterprise EligibilityTM, and Mobile Pre-CheckTM. By using kiosk concierges, they were able to help patients through the transition to self-check-in more smoothly, resulting in nearly zero patient push-back. The practice has seen a dramatic increase in its efficiency. Clearwave and Nextech have helped The Eye Care Institute speed up their eligibility verification and payment collection processes.

  • There was very little resistance from patients. Most patients go straight to the kiosks to check-in upon arrival.
  • The employee turnover rate has been reduced as The Eye Care Institute has a more specialized workforce, and they’ve eliminated their need for healthcare generalists in the practice.
  • Patient satisfaction has increased significantly; patients are getting through much faster, cutting down on their time spent in the waiting room. Patients are spending less time on appointments overall.
  • Over 30% of their patients are using their own devices to complete their initial check-in with Mobile Pre-CheckTM.
  • With the appropriate prompts from the kiosk or Mobile Pre-CheckTM, patients are cleaning their own data, resulting in much cleaner claims.
  • The Eye Care Institute’s claims rejections decreased by 60% within the first month. Overall, The Eye Care Institute has seen an approximate 82% reduction in claims denials.


Quick Stats

  • Current Number of Kiosks: 3
  • Average Number of Eligibility Checks per Month: 53,000
  • Patient Utilization: 93.3%
  • Practice Management System: Nextech
  • Average Number of Patients per Month: 2,300
  • Implemented Clearwave Solution: 09/2018
  • Implemented Mobile Pre-CheckTM: 09/2018
  • Average Reduction in Check-In Time: 86.9%
  • Clearwave Check-in Time: 2 minutes 37 seconds, down from as long as 20 minutes

We knew we wanted a kiosk and a company that could integrate with Nextech. However, when we selected Clearwave we achieved so much more than we originally envisioned. Patients are updating their own data resulting in cleaner claims and faster payment. Overall, we’ve seen dramatic improvements in patient registration, billing and eligibility efficiency.

Mark Prussian CEO, The Eye Care Institute

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