Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center

Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center is a busy practice located in Birmingham, Alabama serving approximately 280 – 350 patients per day. Lisa Warren, CEO of Andrews, wanted to streamline the front and back office workflow processes. She also wanted to find a solution that would improve the overall patient experience and reduce patient wait times.

Ms. Warren decided to implement Clearwave’s self-service kiosks. By implementing the kiosks, patients could quickly check-in, pay co-pays and/or outstanding balances at the kiosk and then be seated until it was time to be seen by the physician.


  • Patients had a long waiting room time which was increased by having to fill out redundant paperwork.
  • Staff had no efficient way to engage with patients about past due payments or point of service collections.
  • Errors in patient data resulted in rejected/returned claims with insurance companies.
  • Significant time was wasted having to follow up with patients to correct data discrepancies.
  • The insurance eligibility screens generated by the PMS were inconsistent and difficult to interpret by front line employees.



  • Reduction in check-in times due to less paperwork.
  • Point of Service collections running more smoothly with the ability to take payment at the kiosk.
  • Having a cleaner workflow including Clearwave’s alerts and flags so staff know when to immediately follow up with a patient.
  • Ability to check eligibility and benefit information in real-time, saving staff time for other tasks.
  • Better overall patient experience due to shorter wait room time, less paperwork, and a more organized front office.


Quick Stats

  • Implemented Clearwave Solution: 02/2015
  • Practice Management System: SRS/Systemedx
  • Initial Number of Kiosks: 6
  • Current Number of Kiosks: 11
  • Patient Utilization: 99%
  • Average amount of monthly Eligibility checks: 35,202
  • Average Reduction in Check-In Time: 90%
  • Clearwave Check-in Time: 2 minutes 30 seconds, down from 30-40 minutes

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