3 Ways to Increase Patients & Profits While Dropping Costs 

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By Blakely Roth | July 12, 2023

With a competitive healthcare market and economic uncertainty, practices are finding cost-effective ways to increase patients and profits.  

In partnership with SocialClimb, the healthcare marketing platform, Clearwave launched a mini-series, “Patients, Profits, Practices” all about how you can drop patient acquisition costs, increase revenue and compete in our ever-changing healthcare environment. See what each conversation covers and how you can act on these insights now to make record profits this year. 


1. Minimizing Patient Acquisition Costs

Topic: Episode one covers how to build awareness for your practice at a lower cost and then ensure you capture those patients while their care is top-of-mind with a seamless scheduling approach. Bring in more patients for less, watch now for quick and actionable tips!

Top Takeaways:  

  • How to calculate Patient Acquisition Cost (PAC) and often overlooked costs  
  • Ways to balance spending with growth to maximize profitability 
  • Steps to accelerate patient acquisition and fill last-minute appointments 

Duration: 20 Min


  • Kristen Bryant | Vice President of Marketing at Clearwave 
  • Jonathan Reese | Vice President of Marketing at SocialClimb 

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2. Balancing Patient Acquisition Cost w/ Patient Lifetime Value

Topic: Episode two covers how to increase the lifetime value of your patient base through your acquisition and retention efforts. There are specific actions you can take to not just improve patient retention but also to earn more revenue for each patient while driving loyalty and satisfaction. 

Top Takeaways: 

  • How to use predictive patient targeting to increase acquisition 
  • Key tactics for online reputation management that increase patient retention 
  • How to calculate and increase the lifetime value of your patients  
  • How patient convivence and ownership impacts loyalty 

Duration: 18 Min


  • Elizabeth Jones | Vice President of Client Success at Clearwave 
  • Ryan Evans | Vice President of Sales at SocialClimb 

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3. How to Scale Your Practice in a Competitive Landscape

Topic: Episode three covers how to make every dollar count as you market your practice and work to increase patient collections and bookings. See the actions high-growth practices are using to bring in more patients and how they’re leveraging technology to manage this demand, speed up throughput and increase point-of-service collections. 

Top Takeaways: 

  • How to use data to identify and target high-value patients 
  • Strategies for effective communication and personalized care that boost patient revenue 
  • What high-growth practices implement to support an influx of patients and earn more 

Duration: 16 Min


  • Ty Allen | CEO at SocialClimb 
  • Lee Smith | Director of Partner Channels at Clearwave 

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Act Now to Scale Practice Profits Tomorrow!

With rising costs and competition, high-growth practices are finding effective strategies to secure profits and even scale growth throughout the year. You can too! Watch each of these episodes in nearly less than 20 minutes — even watch the whole series over lunch this week! Gain insights you can use now to increase patients and profits. 

Unlock your growth potential with Clearwave, The Patient Revenue Platform™. Learn more! 

Learn more about SocialClimb, the Healthcare Marketing Platform here. 

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