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Hospitals & Health Systems

Deliver the best first impression in your front office

Improve your patients' experiences by providing an efficient and intuitive check-in process, while differentiating your practice in a competitive market. 

  • Deliver a great first impression on your patients by portraying your facility as modern and technologically up to date. Your patients can manage their check-in experience in a way that’s most comfortable for them—kiosk, tablet or via our mobile app.
  • Automatically verify insurance eligibility in real time and require patients to make or schedule payments upfront, reducing uncomfortable payment conversations between patients and staff while increasing remittances. 
  • Allow patients to check in faster with our easy-to-use interface, eliminating lines and time in the waiting room. Patients are happier and front-desk staff is able to improve patient throughput and office efficiency.
Clearwave Technology for patient check-in

Automatically Verify Insurance Eligibility

Upgrade your practice and reduce rejected claims by 79%

  • Link to every insurance payer with 919 connections and counting
  • Enable full data audits with complete, uniform insurance data
  • Automatically check insurance 7x before a patient sees a physician
  • Customize your eligibility check schedule to fit your needs
  • Keep your staff updated with eligibility issue alerts and give them the tools they need to manage errors
  • Give your patients a uniform experience across mobile, tablets and kiosks, as well as throughout your practice's locations
Automatic Verify Insurance Eligibility

Improve Hospital Safety with Zero-Contact Check-In

Minimize contact between patients and staff, better ensuring the safety of everyone who visits your hospital. By implementing a zero-contact patient check-in solution, you can prioritize safety and provide a quality experience for each patient. 

Zero-Contact Patient Check-In, or virtual waiting rooms, offers an alternative solution to traditional patient check-in, which presents challenges for proper social distancing and exposure to other patients. 

With these solutions, your patients can comfortably wait to be seen by a doctor or surgeon while waiting in their vehicle.

Zero Contact Patient Registration

Key benefits


Of patients use self-service registration


Of front-desk staff are able to focus on other duties


Reduction in patient registration errors

Increase by 25% – 65%

In Point-of-Sale collections

3 minutes or less

In average patient check-in time

Improve your front office with Clearwave

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