North Idaho Dermatology

Registering a patient is a detailed process and can be time-consuming for employees who are already stretched thin. Staff members have the task of preparing the paperwork before a patient’s scheduled appointment, checking the patient’s eligibility, and then verifying that all the patient information is up to date.

The registration process often involves collecting any outdated information from the patient upon their arrival, which the staff must then manually transfer into various internal documents, in addition to reconfirming information for billing and insurance purposes.

For North Idaho Dermatology, the patient registration process was slow and difficult. The paperwork was often completed 10 -15 minutes after the patient’s arrival and appointment time. The busy North Idaho Dermatology office sought a way to enhance their process in order to create a better registration experience for their patients and to also improve their overall workflow. They researched several self-service technologies, each promising to better their practice, but none offered the detailed customization, nor fit their unique goals, like Clearwave’s self-service registration solution.

North Idaho Dermatology uses a hybrid process where they use one kiosk that is fully self-service and two where the patient checks-in with the assistance of an employee. Staff members check-in some of the patients on the kiosk and then they flip the kiosk around on a lazy susan so the patient can confirm their information and agree to the HIPAA and financial agreement. The patient can also make payments as well.

North Idaho Dermatology sees a real advantage to their process as it allows the staff to not have to say any patient information out loud because it can all be reviewed on the kiosk by the patient. This is a valuable way they are working to protect patient information.

North Idaho Dermatology is currently implementing and training staff to check Clearwave days ahead and to solve problems before the patient even gets to the clinic so it will even be a faster smoother check-in.

The addition of Clearwave’s solution cut the time that North Idaho Dermatology spent on their overall registration process by 50%. This gave the staff more time to spend with the patients and reduced the overall patient wait-time before seeing the doctor.

Patients have become accustomed to the new registration process, with 70% preferring to use the kiosk because it reduced the amount of paperwork they needed to complete at each visit, making the overall check-in process fast and easy.

Since using Clearwave, the North Idaho Dermatology staff now has the patient’s chart ready for the nurse an average of 6 minutes BEFORE the patient’s appointment reducing the overall patient wait time by 20 minutes.

With these results, the practice was able to add 1-2 additional patients per day per doctor, while still maintaining their reduced wait-time for patients in the waiting room.


  • 70% of all patients use the kiosk
  • 60% of patients remit payment at the kiosk
  • Average check-in time is less than 2 minutes. An average of 24,000 of real-time eligibility transactions are run per month.
  • On average, North Idaho Dermatology processes 207 payments per month.
  • These are payments where:
    • No staff member had to ask for payment or handle a credit card.
    • The payment was posted automatically into their practice management system.

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