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White Glove Service

The Solutions Guy talks to Gabe Schlenker, Clearwave's Senior Hardware Specialist, about a recent example of how Clearwave goes above and beyond in providing excellent service to its clients.


Eric: At Clearwave we often get asked, “What sets us apart from our competition?” Now I know every company says they provide great service, but is that really true? Today I’d like to introduce you to Gabe Schlenker. Gabe works for us as a senior hardware specialist, but he also works for our country. He serves in the Tennessee National Guard as a combat engineer. If the U.S. Army trusts Gabe to handle explosives in a combat situation, I think you can trust him to rescue you when your kiosks go awry.

Recently, we had a go live in Orlando Florida, and hardware being hardware, sometimes you have problems. And when we were unable to remotely troubleshoot the issue, I purchased Gabe a one-way ticket to Orlando. I knocked on his office door and I said, “Gabe, how would you like to go to Orlando?”

Gabe: Yeah, sure, when?

Eric: Now.

Gabe: So, that’s not exactly what happened. I got to the airport down there, rented a car and drove to their location, where I met the chief operations officer, and he started to tell me about all the payment device issues they’ve been having since the go live. We started talking about our backgrounds a little bit, and he realized I was in network backbone cabling at one point. And he went from crisis management to operational opportunist at that point.

So, we jumped into a war room discussion with the management team. We came up with a great plan to get the overall locations done, in the tightest amount of time we could. I get my car, burn up the Orlando freeway with a trunk full of kiosk hardware, and I got all the locations done ahead of schedule, because remember, Eric wasn’t gonna let me come home until the mission was accomplished.

Eric: No joke, it was a one-way ticket. At Clearwave we realize our product is only as good as at the service we provide. As the COO of a healthcare software company. I have learned there are three things you can count on, death, taxes and at some point, you will need IT support. At Clearwave, we have your back.