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Patient Check-in Solutions

Accelerate your patients’ check-in time

With kiosk, tablet, and Mobile Pre-check solutions, you can put the check-in process right in your patients’ hands. Increase patient satisfaction with 13 languages to find the one in which they’re most comfortable. Allow patients with mobility issues to check in while sitting down with tablets. Give your patients the option of pre-check from home or on the go with Clearwave's mobile solution. All of which help speed up the check-in process and increase patient satisfaction.


Improve front-desk efficiency and your bottom line

Reduce claim denials with real-time insurance eligibility verification. Help eliminate potentially embarrassing patient payment conversations at the front-desk with Kiosk and tablet remittance methods—and increase point-of-service collections by 25% – 65%.

Automatically integrate patient updates with the corresponding medical records, ensuring accuracy and decreasing workloads for front-desk staff. In fact, you can decrease registration errors by 90% with Mobile Pre-check. With fewer patient conversations to have and claim corrections to make, your front-desk personnel are able to take on more value-adding tasks, such as providing additional care for patients.

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Increase patient satisfaction

Tailor your check in processes to each patient, provide them a more personalized patient intake experience that eliminates redundancy.

Store patient consent form electronically and decrease patient form-completion time by 50%, improving patient satisfaction as well as forms management. 

From one visit to the next, you can eliminate the hassle of patient sign-in with Clearwave.


Leverage Your Patient Intake Experience With:

  • Mobile and kiosk check in solutions 
  • Seamless integration with your PM and EHR
  • Multilingual patient intake for varied language preferences
  • Real-time verification of patient insurance and demographic data
  • Patient payment and collections solutions that provide ROI 
  • With customized questions, you can discreetly ask patients sensitive questions, and get more honest answers, because the patients aren’t ashamed or embarrassed about other people hearing
  • You can conduct pre-screening questions, sell services, and learn more about your patient demographic

All of these drive actionable insights that your practice can use to directly improve your operations and performance.

Give patients the ability to easily check in for their appointments with intake kiosks, tablets, and the mobile solution. Patients will spend 50% less time filling in paperwork, reducing check in time to under three minutes. 

Improve patient satisfaction as well as forms management. From one visit to the next, eliminate the hassle of patient sign-in.


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