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Fostering More Meaningful Primary Care Visits

Fostering More Meaningful Primary Care VisitsThe quality of the relationship patients have with their primary care physician deeply impacts their ability to live longer, healthier lives. That’s why it’s critical that primary care visits offer efficient and easily accessible care. Improved efficiency allows providers to increase the total number of patients they serve. The easier it is for patients to schedule a visit and see their doctor in a timely fashion, the more likely the patient is to follow recommended guidelines for follow-up appointments and preventative care.

The ClearwaveTM method for next-level, more innovative patient intake reduces primary care wait times to just a few minutes or less. By putting patients in charge of check-in, patients gain greater time for one-on-one contact with you, their physicians. This increases patients’ comfort levels, creating an environment where emerging health issues can be explored before they become serious.

In an era of value, ClearwaveTM’s automated patient check-in platform sets the stage for your practice’s success, saving physicians, and patients time and money.

How It Works

ClearwaveTM’s connected technologies increase efficiency and patient throughput for your primary care practice, eliminating a trip to the front desk.

With the touch of a few buttons, your patients can:

  • Alert office staff that they have arrived
  • Verify or change their address, insurance information, health status, or update other demographics as well as driver’s license or prescriptions
  • Sign consent forms
  • Notify office staff of their communication preferences
  • Payments can be processed directly from the kiosk, increasing convenience for your patients and revenue for your practice.

The ClearwaveTM Difference

Enhanced Transparency

ClearwaveTM’s patient intake platform increases price transparency by sharing patients’ out-of-pocket costs at the point of check-in. Our system verifies patient benefits information in real-time, providing a true picture of the portion of the patient deductible met to date.

Increased Point-of-Service Collections

Some primary care practices struggle with point-of-service collections. ClearwaveTM’s automated patient check-in system changes the psychology of patient payment by requesting payment for copays and past-due balances directly from the healthcare kiosk.

Greater Capacity

When patients manage their healthcare appointments through ClearwaveTM’s self-service check-in platform, the time savings increases the number of patients who can be seen each day.

Improved Performance

ClearwaveTM’s connected technologies reduce the burden of administrative tasks, empowering your physicians and front-office staff to focus on more value-added work.

Key Benefits


of our clients’ patients use self-service registration


of front-desk staff are able to focus on other duties

Self-check-in software improves forms management for specialty care practices

Self-check-in software improves forms management for specialty care practices


reduction in patient registration errors


double point-of-service collections


decrease in paper costs

Client Testimonial

“We are so pleased with the results we are getting with Clearwave. The platform is doing everything the Clearwave team said it would, and more.”
AVP, Site Operations, Greater Lawrence Family Health Center
Marta Corvelo