Automated Patient Check-in Kiosks

and Digital Registration Platform

Why Patients Prefer using Clearwave® Kiosks

and Mobile Pre-Check™

Mobile Check-In

Mobile Pre-Check™ enables patients to check-in before their scheduled appointment, anytime, anywhere

Automatic Insurance Eligibility

Intelligent Insurance response automatically runs eligibility without staff involvement. No more surprises for patients when they get the bill.

Multi-Lingual Intake

With the click of a button, Clearwave® patient intake messaging can be tailored to your patient’s language preference.

Transforming Patient Registration

One of the most compelling reasons to transform front-end processes is to deliver the care patients deserve. However, patients aren’t the only ones who benefit. Clearwave® next-level technologies for patient check-in improve satisfaction while significantly improving efficiency, work flow, and revenue.

Patient check-in is tailored to the patient, providing a more personalized patient intake experience while eliminating redundancy.

Mobile Pre-Check™

Our self-service mobile check-in is called Mobile Pre-Check™. Our mobile solution enables patients to pre-register for appointments from anywhere. To improve collections and reduce accounts receivables, Clearwave® reviews eligibility during the Mobile Pre-Check™, and reviews again when the patient confirms their arrival.

Built-in appointment reminders and notifications streamline the patient intake process. When patients arrive, they bypass the front desk and simply sign in at a healthcare kiosk. Patients get to the heart of their visit more quickly, improving throughput and patient satisfaction.

Mobile Pre-Check™ patient check-in

Smooth Back Office - Happy Staff

EHR Integration

Updates to patient information captured in the healthcare kiosk or mobile solution can be transferred directly to the EHR for automatic updates, further reducing duplicated workflows.

Automated Collections

No longer do your patients have to experience uncomfortable financial conversations at the front desk. Our solution automatically generates estimates of patient responsibility and requests patient copays and past-due balances upfront.

Custom Tailored

We tailor your integration to meet the needs of your organization. We believe your support should be knowledgeable about the parameters of your installation. Your time is valuable.

Innovative Hardware Platform

We know that to truly transform patient check-in, you need a solution that empowers patients and helps patients reduce front desk visits. Clearwave® is a cloud-based software company that uses custom kiosks to check in patients at the point of service and allows patients to use any computing device to complete a Mobile Pre-Check™ prior to the appointment.

Intuitive user interface that patients of all ages grasp quickly
Sleek, modern design manufactured by the same company that manufactures Delta’s kiosks.
Kiosks come with a five-year onsite parts and labor warranty
Two standard kiosk models – a tabletop and freestanding version (Custom built available too!)
Every kiosk is HIPAA compliant, no patient data is stored on kiosks and every kiosk comes with a privacy filter.
Every kiosk is ADA compliant.
Mobile Pre-Check™ & Kiosk registration hardware

Drive new revenue, provide dynamic eligibility, and see more patients per day

Healthcare Systems & Practice Testimonials

UAB Medicine
UAB Medicine
In just one month, UAB Medicine’s orthopedics department captured 3,000 driver’s license updates, 515 new email addresses, 1,000 primary insurance updates and 475 secondary phone numbers through Clearwave®’s healthcare kiosks. UAB is now expanding the approach to all its outpatient clinics, with the potential to touch more than 1 million patient visits per year.
The Eye Care Institute
Mark Prussian
CEO of The Eye Care Institute
“We knew we wanted a kiosk and a company that could integrate with Nextech. However, when we selected Clearwave® we achieved so much more than we originally envisioned. We are getting considerably more data. Patients are updating their own data resulting in cleaner claims and faster payment. Patient resistance to the kiosk is near to zero as 93% of our patients are checking in at the kiosk upon arrival at our practice and 30% of our patients are doing their initial check-in on their own devices in advance of their appointment using Clearwave®’s mobile solution. Overall, we’ve seen dramatic improvements in patient registration, billing and eligibility efficiency.”
Vision First Eye Center
Tammy Griffin
COE, COT, Administrator - Vision First Eye Center
“During the last three years, we switched EMRs twice! Clearwave® immediately responded and built new integrations. It’s wonderful to work with a vendor-partner that is willing to support our change requests quickly. Clearwave®’s outstanding consultants allowed us to keep a consistent patient registration, eligibility and integration process even though we were using different EMRs.”

Everything you need to get started

Less waiting time for patients
Decrease wait times by up to 70%. Patients appreciate spending less time in the waiting room and more time with their doctor.
Your staff will thank you
Give your staff a break and let them focus on important tasks that keep your business running smooth.
Automate insurance collections
Our Kiosks are proven to collect more money than in-person collections. Reduce the awkwardness for the patients and collect more money up front.