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A Transformative Team. A Transformative Purpose.

Clearwave is transforming healthcare to better serve the needs of patients. Clearwave is a self-service registration solution (via kiosk, desktop, or mobile) that allows patients to check-in for appointments, remit payments and verifies patients’ insurance eligibility.

Here at Clearwave, our commitment to creating an extraordinary patient experience is more than a mission statement. It’s in our DNA. We’re passionate about creating a more efficient, patient-centered approach to patient check-in and dedicated to innovation and outstanding service—for your organization and your patients. We have checked in and verified eligibility for over 41,000,000 patient visits in 43 states and that number is increasing daily.

Meet the Clearwave Team

Darnell Brown

Director of Software Engineering

Eric Anderson

Chief Operating Officer

Martin Benn

Technical Solutions Lead

Lindsey Clark

Customer Experience Team Lead

Gia Cruz

Director of Sales

Jenny Hallas

Quality Assurance Manager

Lindsay Hilliard

Sales Consultant

Laura Hobbs

Director of Sales

Audrey Moore

Director of Finance and Operations

Mary Kate Morrison

Implementation Manager

Amber Ovalles

Eligibility and Training Lead

Shaun Priest

Chief Revenue Officer

Jennifer Sparks

Director of Marketing and Communications

Brian Stone

Chief Financial Officer

Stephanie Servy

Director of Sales

Lauren Thames

Vice President of Product Management

Jordan Ward

Systems Integration Manager

Gerard White

President & CEO

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