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Jun 25 2019


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Clearwave Coffee Break Podcast – Jun 25th, 2019

Release date for our Clearwave Coffee Break Podcast, hosted by Lauren Thames and Jennifer Sparks

In this podcast subscribers will get an overview of the key features being released each month, Clearwave will also share interviews and insights with Clearwave clients and Clearwave Executive Leadership on key healthcare issues.

Our inaugural Clearwave Coffee Break Podcast! This episode features a conversation with one of the most impressive people we know; Dr. Robin Ross. Here’s just a few of the incredible parts of her story:

Her Dad was a janitor and cleaned offices and banks at night in their town of Flint, MI. She started to help him do these jobs when she was 5 years old. She got paid $.50 per night of help.
The bank president was so impressed by her smarts and work ethic over the years he helped her parents send her to a private school.
She graduated 1st in her high school class but her parents could not offer insight about colleges because they didn’t have the opportunity to go. So she spent a lot of time at the school and public library.
She researched colleges and filled out applications using the typewriter at the public library with the help of a supportive librarian. She rode her bike 10 miles each way to the library for months to get it all done.
When West Pointe decided to allow female students, Cadets came to their front door and she was specifically invited to be in the first class allowing women. She respectfully declined in order to go to Stanford.
After graduating, she returned home to MI and had a thriving ophthalmology practice there. She was the victim of embezzlement. This is why she wanted Clearwave before even opening the doors at her new practice in AZ (affiliated with U of AZ).
Inside her lovely Scottsdale practice she has a boutique where African crafts are sold to help the student foundation she supports. Also local art is displayed in the waiting room.

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