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Clearwave’s “Solutions Guy”: Episode 17 - The Need for Speed

This week Eric Anderson, Clearwave Chief Operating Officer, AKA The Solutions Guy, talks to Melissa Perkins from Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates about the importance of speed and efficiency and how Clearwave adds both to practices that adopt our solutions.


Eric: I’m actually surprised that we have never talked about this. Because it is one of the main reasons that people purchase Clearwave. And that’s speed and efficiency. Do you know how much time the patient spends on average sitting in waiting rooms in the United States? Nineteen minutes. And if you’re a specialist, orthopedic or ophthalmology, it can be much longer. For Clearwave’s customers, however, patients complete a check-in in less than three minutes. And if they’ve done Mobile Pre-Check, it takes less than 90 seconds. Recently, I did a webinar with Melissa Perkins, and she’s with Medical Center Ophthalmology Associates, and I thought it’d be great today for her to share insight as to how Clearwave revolutionized their patient registration process.

Melissa: So what I decided to do was go to Thomas Eye Group, I know that they had been using Clearwave for quite some time and they’re also a very large ophthalmology practice. So we flew to Atlanta and we come to this very large office building. I’m like, “Wow. this is amazing.” We walk in and it is so quiet, there is nobody, nobody in the waiting room except one concierge, her job was to assist patient with the check-in.
And I just thought, “Oh, my gosh, they see almost 600 patients a day through that clinic.” And there’s nobody in the waiting room, and you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet, I was for sure we were in the wrong place. Clearwave, we’ve implemented it in July of 2015, so we’ve had it for some time now. And our first month, we did get 80% of patients to actually use it.

Eric: My only question for you is how much time are your patients spending in the waiting room? And if you don’t like the answer to that question, call us.