Clearwave's Personalized Support

Clearwave's Personalized Support

At Clearwave, we understand that providers have lots of options when it comes to healthcare IT vendors. Furthermore, we recognize that the application of technological innovation in your business is wonderful, as long as it works. When things don’t work, it costs businesses valuable time and serious money. This is why Clearwave assigns an individual Clearwave Account Manager and a customer service representative to every client that executes a contract with Clearwave. At Clearwave, we tailor your integration to meet the needs of your organization. We believe your support should be knowledgeable about the parameters of your installation. Your time is valuable. We want to make sure if there are any hiccups with our software or hardware, that you are working with a customer support representative that is well versed in your organization and can respond efficiently to correct any issues as they arise. Personalized service is the hallmark of how we do business at Clearwave and why we are not only “the patient’s choice” but also the provider’s choice.

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Client Testimonial

Tammy Griffin
During the last three years, we switched EMRs twice! Clearwave immediately responded and built new integrations. It’s wonderful to work with a vendor-partner that is willing to support our change requests quickly. Clearwave’s outstanding consultants allowed us to keep a consistent patient registration, eligibility and integration process even though we were using different EMRs.
Tammy Griffin, COE, COT, Administrator
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