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Customer Experience

Get the support you deserve with dedicated Client Success Managers

Technology in business is wonderful—as long as it works. When things don’t perform as expected, it costs your practice valuable time and serious money. That’s why you receive an individual account manager and a customer service representative when you use Clearwave in your practice. 

Effortlessly tailor your integration to meet the needs of your organization with support staff that is deeply knowledgeable about what your organizational needs are. Your time is valuable, so with Clearwave you'll have a dedicated Client Success Manager to ensure that any issues that occur are dealt with swiftly and thoroughly. 

With Clearwave you will receive friendly, professional, and personalized service. Feel free to call us to speak to an account manager or customer rep, even if it’s just to ask a question: 678-738-1120.


Innovative Patient Verification Solutions

See what our clients have to say

During the last three years, we switched EMRs twice! Clearwave immediately responded and built new integrations. It’s wonderful to work with a vendor-partner that is willing to support our change requests quickly. Clearwave’s outstanding consultants allowed us to keep a consistent patient registration, eligibility and integration process even though we were using different EMRs.

Tammy Griffin, COE, COT, Administrator
VisionFirst Eye Center