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Clearwave Solutions Guy Episode 19

The Solutions Guy interviews Dr. David Hafner from Vascular Surgical Associates.


Eric Anderson: I’m here today with Dr. Hafner, who is the CEO of Vascular Surgical Associates. Dr. Hafner trained at Emory and worked at Grady Hospital before founding Vascular Surgical Associates in 1986 with another partner. Since that time, Vascular Surgical Associates has grown to over 100 employees with 11 physicians across 10 locations. In addition to his day to day responsibilities, Dr. Hafner is the immediate past chairman of the board of WellStar Hospital System. Dr. Hafner, please tell me a little bit more about Vascular Surgical Associates?

Dr. Hafner: Yes, sir. Thank you very much. We have a large practice of vascular surgery. We take care of people with aneurysms, which are enlargement of the artery. We take care of people with blockage in their carotid arteries. We take care of blood clots in the veins and arteries, require surgery or not. We take care of varicose veins. We take care of anything vascular other than heart surgery, and we’ve been doing that now for 33 years.

Eric Anderson: Well, congratulations on a very successful practice. And Dr. Hafner has been a customer of Clearwave for over 10 years, making him one of our original founding customers as we think about it. And Dr. Hafner, could you share some insights about what you like about Clearwave or how it’s helped your practice in the last decade?

Dr. Hafner: Sure. Well, as you can imagine with the things that we do, patients come to us frequently. They’re older patients. They come with their families and they come with scary, sometimes challenging problems. When they come in the office, they’re going to see a surgeon. Their blood pressure goes up. One thing I am thankful for with Clearwave is the patients can worry about their surgery and getting well and not worry about the money.