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Clearwave Solutions Guy 21: CW is Like Christmas


Eric: I’m here today with Amanda Causey, who’s been with Vascular Surgical Associates for 16 years. Amanda is the front office coordinator and HR manager. Amanda, can you talk to me a little bit about what life was like before Clearwave was installed?

Amanda: Yes. Before Clearwave, you’re spending lots of time on the phone verifying coverages, finding out what the patient’s responsible for. You’re trying to get patients to sign in on a notepad on the front desk. You’re also trying to make sure you’re taking patients back in the right order, just by this one simple sign in sheet. We don’t know for sure what time they got there, and what time they’re supposed to go, you know, in the room, or how long this person’s been waiting. We just know that they’re here.

So, just lots of time wasted on verifying coverage, verifying insurance, what they owe, and trying to get them through the office, and it was not efficient.

Eric: Yeah. And so, we sit here in 2018. Vascular Surgical Associates implemented Clearwave in 2010. So you had been here for six years when we installed Clearwave. What was it like the day that Clearwave was installed?

Amanda: Honestly, it was like Christmas.

Eric: So, I’ve been with Clearwave for eight years, and I have never heard anyone say that Clearwave is like Christmas. Why do you say that?

Amanda: Well, every morning, we talk about errors and we communicate throughout the office to eliminate these and fix them. And Clearwave eliminates these errors. Errors costs time and money, and that’s why I say Christmas. It’s like Christmas. It’s just amazing to be able to come in and have a system that eliminates all these errors that’s cost us so much time and money.

Eric: Thank you. That was awesome.