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Clearwave™ Shooting Star Recognition Award

Clearwave™ Shooting Star Recognition Award

Clearwave has developed an ongoing, internal recognition program known as the Clearwave Shooting Star Recognition Award. The accolade acknowledges individuals within our company who have an invaluable work ethic, are performing at the highest standards, and are consistently going above and beyond what is asked of them. Those recognized with the award:

  • Help with projects that are not included in their job or role but understand that Clearwave is run as a team.
  • Have a positive attitude. All work environments can be stressful, but it takes a special person to keep the important things in perspective and encourage others to do the same.
  • Proactive in finding improvements and developing more efficient processes both internally and externally.
  • Team-driven. Awarded individuals reach out across teams to boost morale and build relationships with one another.
  • Dependable day in and day out.

Q1 2019 Star Award Winner Jeff White

Congratulations to Jeff White who received the Q1 Clearwave Shooting Star Award for 2019.


December 2018 Star Award Winner Appolonia Butler-Hill

Congratulations to Appolonia Butler-Hill who received a Clearwave Shooting Star Award in December.

“Apple has grown in her knowledge since starting with clearwave. She is constantly eager to learn better ways of handling issues, whether with support or other areas. While learning, she offers her help to others constantly. She is truly a team player and I know that I am very thankful to have her on the Clearwave team."

“While I was at a client site, there were multiple times that I had requested Apple’s help. Not only did she help, but she was fast with her responses. This is an example of true team effort."


July 2018 Star Award Winners Chris Shaw and Martin Benn

Congratulations to Chris Shaw and Martin Benn who received the first Clearwave Shooting Star Award!

Awardee Right: Martin Benn

“Martin works day in and day out to complete his tasks plus any tasks that any of us IC’s throw at him. “No” or “we cannot do this” is rarely an answer. If there is ever an issue and we are onsite, Martin is on top of trying to figure out what is going on and solve the problem. Martin is also a great teacher. I can honestly say that I learn something new just about every day from him.”

Awardee Left: Chris Shaw

“Aside from helping out “on the side”, he is one of the most thorough developers on the team, and I can always count on him and the quality of his work.”

“Chris always has a smile every time I see him; and no matter how random the question, he’s always prepared to help find the answer. Chris is also a positive person in general and you can see that in his personality and in the way he interacts with coworkers.”