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Clearwave Connect Brings the Patient's Choice to the Tablet

In addition to our mobile option and in-practice kiosks, Clearwave offers tablets for your patients to use, expanding the number of check-in options for your patients. Clearwave Connect is our flexible tablet solution that fits practices of any size, specialty and budget. 

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Windows Tablet

Customer Feedback

“The Clearwave Connect tablet has allowed our front desk staff to better interact with patients without leaving the front desk. It’s improved patient experience and saved our staff time.”

Daren Moon, IT Manager, Utah Cardiology

“The combination of the Clearwave kiosk and tablet has resulted in greater patient satisfaction, on-time procedures, and low wait times while increasing accuracy of data, and have been able to keep the same level of staff while still growing.”

Helen Lowenwirth, Administrator, East Side Endoscopy

“Our check-in times before Clearwave were 7-15 minutes. After implementing Clearwave, it is now one minute and 55 seconds – and that’s for both new and returning patients”

Grant Ely, CEO, North Idaho Dermatology

“Our staff uses Clearwave for more than just check-in. The Provider Portal dashboard helps us track patient status and monitor workflows throughout the patient’s visit. Without it, our staff would be 'blind'."

Grant Ely, CEO, North Idaho Dermatology

Key Benefits

Flexible Form Factor

The tablet can fit any size office and any specialization. Whether handed out to reduce kiosk lines or placed on the front desk, the tablet can go anywhere the practice needs it

Better Patient Interaction

Patients can now go back and review their responses and make form edits during the check-in process

Great User Experience

The Clearwave Connect tablet offers the same intuitive and seamless check-in experience as the kiosk offering a familiar experience independent of the hardware

Secure Payments

The integrated payment collection allows patients to pay co-pays and outstanding balances directly from the tablet

Features & Specifications

Product Description

Mobile tablet registration device, black finish


Height: 7”

Base Width:  15”

Depth: 0.75” (1.25” in when handle included)

Weight: 3 lbs

Screen Width: 9.7”

Hardware Specifications

iPad Pro 9.7”

InVue CT300

Payment Device Options

Ingenico iSMP4

Battery Life

Approximately 4-6 hours without charging

Software Specifications

Tablet requires wireless access with a minimum of 10 mbps upload and 10 mbps download.

Helping practices across the US revolutionize their patient intake:

Use Cases

Reduce Lines                            

During peak times which result in a line, distribute a tablet to help keep wait times at a minimum

Support Patients With Mobility Challenges

Offer additional options to patients with mobility challenges. Your patients can use Clearwave Connect from the comfort of a chair

Provide Discrete Data Entry Options 

Provide a more intimate and private data entry solution for patients apprehensive about displaying personal information on a kiosk

Service Remote or Outlying Clinics

Enable physicians and staff to bring full check-in capabilities to multi-specialty and shared use clinics through our tablet solution

Offer Enhanced Patient Interaction

Enable your front desk staff to interact with and guide the patient face-to-face with using our tablet solution

Minimize Footprint                   

Eliminate the need for dedicated space, with our flexible tablet solution that fits any office of any size

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Clearwave Connect is great and here's why.

Every practice has unique needs and Clearwave Connect allows our solutions to be tailored to meet each individual provider's set of requirements.  Connect expands our solutions to be more flexible and more custom fit for a practice's use.  Clearwave Connect allows patients to check in to practices on their own terms.  After all, Clearwave is the patient's choice.

Support Your Front Desk

Some patients prefer face to face interaction during check in.  Having the Clearwave Connect tablet available at the front desk allows staff to interact and guide the patient without having to get up and help the patient at the kiosk.

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Eliminate Lines

During peak times, lines can form at kiosks, disrupting workflows and patient experience.  Distributing the tablet helps keep lines - and wait times - at a minimum while.  Clearwave Connects provides patients with the privacy they lose when someone stands behind them at a kiosk.

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Mobile Pre-check

From their home or on the go, your patients can use Clearwave mobile pre-check to provide critical data and sign necessary forms. Patients who use our mobile feature complete the majority of their paperwork prior to arriving at their appointment. The result? Shorter waiting room times and an improved check-in process for all. In addition, patients can be reminded of upcoming appointments and, in turn, confirm their attendance. 

Our mobile app complements our kiosk and tablet solutions, giving practices the office efficiency and patient experience to improve practice economics.

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