Montgomery Cardiovascular Associates

MCA was an early adopter of self-­‐service patient registration solutions. They had been using another check-­‐in solution prior to purchasing Clearwave.

In March of 2012, they contacted Clearwave to see if the company could provide a more robust solution. “We needed a solution that would provide real-­‐time eligibility, collect copayments, handle consents, scan insurance cards and collect patient demographic and insurance updates,” said Stefanie Prestage, Business Office Director at MCA.

They selected Clearwave in May 2012 and went live with the Clearwave kiosk solution in July 2012. MCA decided to do a two phase install, phase 1 included only a one-­‐way integration from GE Centricity to Clearwave. “We were concerned about taking updates from patients at the kiosk and having them automatically update our systems, so we asked Clearwave to limit the functionality initially,” said Ms. Prestage.

In August of 2013, MCA decided to add inbound integration. The added functionality allowed patient updates to flow directly into GE Centricity, including driver’s license images, insurance card images, patient demographic updates and the posting of payments made at the kiosk.

“Adding inbound integration was the best thing we could have done. To be honest, if I knew then what I know now, I would have done a full integration from Day 1,” said Prestage. “The amount of manual effort at the front desk has been greatly reduced. Patients are checked in automatically into Centricity, insurance and driver’s license images are imported, patient demographic updates and payments are processed without staff intervention,” she continued.

In January of 2014, the integration was further enhanced to display outstanding balances to patients at the kiosk. In February of 2014, payments collected at the kiosk doubled.

MCA Results

98% of all patients’ insurance is verified automatically and in realtime. Point of service cash collections have doubled. Insurance card and driver’s license scans are imported automatically. Check in takes less than 3 minutes. 88% of patients check-in at the kiosk. About Clearwave Clearwave delivers customized self-service registration and eligibility solutions. The company charges a flat all-inclusive rate for unlimited eligibility and patient registration. You keep your current payment processor. No hidden fees. Real-time support and all hardware comes with a 3 year on-site warranty.  

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