Marietta Eye


Marietta Eye, headquartered in Marietta, GA, has 8 offices and one surgery center. Located in the Northwest suburbs of Atlanta, the Marietta Eye offices see thousands of people each day for all types of vision services including everything from routine eye exams to implant surgery.

When Marietta Eye’s Director of Revenue Cycle, Elliott Gatehouse, was challenged with creating a more efficient workplace, while remaining uncompromising in the quality of care provided, he knew the challenge was no small task. As he looked at the operations of the main campus, it became evident to him that in order to grow the business, without adding additional staff or sacrificing patient satisfaction, his solution must be one that could help improve every area of operations.

“As I studied our front office process, I realized what we had in place was terribly inefficient. If we were going to stay on track with our organization’s strategic growth plan, we needed to be able to get patients out of the waiting room, where they don’t want to be anyway, and back to see our physicians quicker,” commented Gatehouse.


Gatehouse implemented Clearwave’s self-service patient registration solution for the practice. The solution would take the redundancy and error out of the current process, making it simpler for the patients, reduce the amount of paperwork made by staff, and create less overall stress for both patients and staff.

“I didn’t think it was going to work and didn’t want it at all,” stated Sherry Hobbs, Patient Benefit Coordinator for Marietta Eye. There was also push back from patients and staff who didn’t want“a computer replacing humans” for fear of a loss of human interaction.

“Our patients were fearful they wouldn’t get to talk to anyone because we had them check in at the kiosks. This simply wasn’t the case. The kiosks have allowed our staff to be more engaged with our patients and less focused on the paperwork,” Gatehouse said.

Even Sherry Hobbs changed her mind once she saw the solution in action. “I couldn’t believe how fast Clearwave could verify insurance. The system has saved us so much time, we now have time to do things we couldn’t do before, like verify benefit levels on same day medical procedures. This never happened before Clearwave,” she said.

Elliott Gatehouse credits Clearwave with helping his organization become more efficient in its processes through “the ability to ensure accurate data, by giving clear benefit information, by creating bidirectional interfacing with Marietta Eye’s EPM, Nextgen and by ultimately making check-in easier and faster for the patients.”

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