Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

Greater Lawrence Family Health Center (GLFHC), located in Lawrence, MA, is the second largest Federally Qualified Health Centers in the state, and the first teaching health center in the country. GLFHC employs over 100 family practitioners, 37 family medicine residents and over 600 employees. They offer full spectrum primary care to over sixty thousand patients across 9 clinical sites. GLFHC’s core mission is to improve and maintain the health of individual and families in an underserved urban community.


  • GLFHC registers over 1,000 patients per day.
  • Registration during peak times was especially frustrating as patients would often wait in line for upwards of 20 minutes to be checked-in.
  • With a largely multi-cultural patient population, the front desk required extra time to assist patients for whom English was not their first language.
  • Leadership wondered if self- service was a good solution to improve their workflow processes and increase patient satisfaction.



  • Because Clearwave offered multi-language options, GLFHC decided the platform was a good solution to streamline its processes.
  • The organization deployed a total of 20 kiosks throughout the campus. Today there is no wait with the average check-in time of about 2 minutes.
  • There has been a significant impact on patient satisfaction, keeping the patients on-time for their appointments, and getting them back to see their provider more quickly.
  • Clearwave seamlessly integrates with GE Centricity which made the implementation process very straightforward.
  • Since implementation and go-live, GLHFC has been able to streamline the check-in process, improve patient throughput, increase net revenue and enhance the patient experience.


Quick Stats

  • Implemented Clearwave Solution: 12/2015
  • Implemented Mobile Pre-CheckTM: 5/2018
  • Current Number of Kiosks: 20
  • Initial Number of Kiosks: 4
  • Patient Utilization: 87.6%
  • Practice Management System: GE Centricity.
  • Increase in payment collections year over year: 157%
  • Average Reduction in Check-In Time: 87%
  • Clearwave Check-in Time: 2 minutes 6 seconds, down from 20 minutes.

We are so pleased with the results we are getting with Clearwave. The platform is doing everything the Clearwave team said it would, and more.

Marta Moura, AVP Site Operations, Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

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