February 12, 2019
January 28, 2019

The Healthcare Math Problem

In this week's episode, the Solutions Guy talks to Jeff White.  The two of them discuss what the traditional check-in process is like for front desk staff and then compare it to the check-in process with Clearwave's patient access technology, demonstrating how Clearwave helps reduces stress for staff and patients
August 12, 2018

Why Eligibility Should Not Be Like Gasoline

This week Eric Anderson, Clearwave Chief Operating Officer, AKA The Solutions Guy, explains how eligibility is not a commodity. It is critically important to your revenue cycle that the process be automated and the data presented contain the precise benefit information you need to provide the best care and manage patient expectations as to cost.
July 2, 2018

Solving the Healthcare Math Problem

This week Eric Anderson, Clearwave COO, will be discussing how Clearwave assists patients and healthcare providers by helping calculate the estimated patient responsibility. Mr. Anderson solves for the viewer what he calls “the Healthcare Math Problem.” By communicating directly with health insurance companies, in seconds Clearwave Corporation...