Meet the Clearwave “Solutions Guy”

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This week, Eric will share with you how he came to be known as The Solutions Guy. Each week Eric will explore a different healthcare problem that Clearwave technology helps solve.


I am Eric Anderson, and I’m the chief operating officer at Clearwave Corporation. A few years ago, my daughter asked me, “Dad, what does a chief operating officer actually do?” It turns out that, that’s not the easiest question to answer. So, I started talking about sort of a typical day, and how we work with our customers, and the types of problems that we help them solve.
Eric Anderson is The Solutions Guy

She said, “So Dad, you’re a solutions guy?” I really like that title, because that is how I spend my day, and that’s what Clearwave does as a company. What we do is we work with hospitals and clinics and we help them take difficult, complicated tasks, make them easy. We take manual tasks and we automate them. We do this really by empowering the patient. We allow patients to take ownership of their health care, to check in on their mobile phone or their tablet or their home computer days before the appointment. Then when they show up, they’re able to quickly complete a check in at our kiosk.

What this enables the staff to do is, they’re not handing out forms anymore, patients aren’t waiting in line anymore. Now, the staff is focused more on patient care and we’re bringing self-service convenience into healthcare. Now, anybody that has lived in healthcare for any amount of time knows that there’s a lot of inefficiencies and tremendous opportunities for us to leverage technology and make the world a better place for staff and for patients, and that’s what we do.

Clearwave solutions guy

I’m so excited to have the opportunity to chat more about the types of solutions that we bring. The next time we talk, I’m gonna talk about how we solve what I like to call the healthcare math problem. So, thank you very much for watching and I look forward to speaking with you again soon.

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