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Raleigh Neurology Testimonial

Dec 8, 2019 8:58:49 PM

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Private neurology practice increases POS collections by over 25%, retains ability to see patients during a large-scale system outage thanks to Clearwave

When healthcare administrators speak of the benefits of Clearwave’s automated self-service check in systems, it’s not unusual to hear talk of real-time insurance eligibility verification or capturing more patient payment dollars.

Or in the case of RNA, support during a prolonged system outage.

Overcoming a system shutdown

“Earlier this year, we experienced a massive system outage which left us without key systems for multiple days,” recalled Leeann Garms, CEO at Raleigh Neurology Associates. “No phones.  No access to electronic medical records (EMR). We were at a real disadvantage and Clearwave was there to help ensure we were able to continue seeing and serving our patients. The Clearwave team was amazing!”

“Thanks to data available in the Clearwave system, we were able to see every single patient appointment. We knew who was on the schedule despite not having access to our EMR. It was a game-changer, allowing us to not only remain open, but to thrive during that period. Our partnership with Clearwave has proven invaluable.”

Raleigh Neurology Associates is a private practice, specializing in neurology, pain management, and neuro-ophthalmology. With over 50 providers, and an average of 550-650 appointments per day, manually verifying insurance and checking in patients was a challenge.


The need for check in technology

“We were manually verifying eligibility and benefits, which was incredibly time intensive,” said Ms. Garms. “And the way the data was displayed in our EMR, it was extremely difficult to effectively decipher a patient’s insurance benefits.  Do they have insurance? What is their copay? It was tedious and time-consuming.”

“On the check in side, it required a team member to manually enter large amounts of information, creating long patient wait times. In addition, we experienced errors, sometimes transposing data the patient’s provided. Before Clearwave, we had an average check in time for new patients between 15 and 20 minutes. For established patients, it was up to 10 minutes.”

“We knew that our patients weren’t coming to sit in our waiting rooms and check in. They're coming to receive care. So we looked for how we could leverage technology to improve our check in times and the patient experience.”

Why Clearwave?

There were a couple of practical features that RNA gravitated toward with Clearwave: system integration and the interactive platform.

“We looked at a number of solutions,” recalled Ms. Garms, “and at the end of the day, we whittled it down to Clearwave and one other vendor. The biggest driver for us was Clearwave’s integration with Centricity, our EMR. Also, we appreciated the flexibility that Clearwave offers for patient check in through kiosk or tablet.

Significant increase in POS collectionsFlexModel_MidnightStar-compressor

“What rang true with every existing customer contact that we talked to was the fact that Clearwave helped to significantly increase point-of sale collections by reducing the friction and the uneasiness that staff have in asking for money."

“The ability to quickly and accurately provide the patient with copay and balance information at the time of the visit is a huge benefit that helps eliminate surprises with account balances that have accrued over time. We quickly saw increases between 20-30% in point-of-sale collection’s year-over-year. That’s been hugely helpful to our patients and RNA.”

Real-time insurance eligibility verification

Along with greater point-of-sale collections, RNA also expedited their check in process, due in large part to Clearwave’s real-time insurance eligibility verification. “For us, probably the biggest single feature at the end of the day was eligibility and benefits,” said Ms. Garms. “We were providing services and finding out after the fact they were not covered, which created negative impacts to our patients and RNA. With Clearwave we now have a user-friendly system that handles the bulk of the data validation before patients walk in the door. Expediting the patient check-in process and having a better quality experience has been a win-win for everyone, especially our patients.”

Clearwave: A forward-thinking solution

For Ms. Garms and her executive team, Clearwave represented an opportunity to showcase positive change using technology. “Clearwave helped increase our ability to bring new solutions to the business, instilling confidence in RNA’s leadership and the future of the practice. Clearwave is one of our strongest partner relationships. We couldn’t be happier to work with such responsible, thoughtful, and innovative people.”

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