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Katzen Eye Group Testimonial

Oct 16, 2019 4:35:58 PM


Janna Mullaney, COO at Katzen Eye Care

Eye care practice appreciates Clearwave's vision

When it came time to move from front-desk check in to an automated self-service solution, Katzen Eye Care went with the company that had, well, vision.

Which is why they chose Clearwave.

“We offer every subspecialty in ophthalmology except for neuro,” said Janna Mullaney, COO at Katzen and President of the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators. “Pediatric ophthalmology, oculoplastics, cornea, retina, glaucoma, premium cataracts, LASIK refractive.”

“We’ve always tried to stay ahead of the curve with technology. Get in on the ground floor and be instrumental in the development of products. We were one of the first practices to introduce electronic health records (EHR) in 2002. And we’ve been using Clearwave since 2011.”

Katzen knows eyes. What they were looking for was a check in process that could match the quality and sophistication of their care. Clearwave’s real-time insurance eligibility feature really tipped the scale.


Real-time patient eligibility

“One of the things that Clearwave does very well, better than most of the EHR products can do, is give you that eligibility piece,” said Ms. Mullaney. “It's real-time. It matches up with your system and tells you whether or not a patient is covered, what their deductible or copays are, and if the information in your system isn't correct, it alerts you to that.

“That's really important in our business because sometimes all we're going to get paid for an exam is $50. If we don't pre-authorize or make sure the patient is eligible, we might not even get that. So when you're looking at revenue and you're seeing 40 patients a day, if eligibility is not something you're focusing on, you're probably not really running your practice very well.

“I think eligibility plays a bigger part than most people think about when they think of kiosk systems. But that's really one of the key reasons why we looked at Clearwave to begin with.

Flexible check in

 “I think the second thing we loved about Clearwave was obviously the kiosks and check in process. It’s super important to us that patients have a flexible way to check in. So we're starting to do the mobile check in, which I'm excited about. It'll give us a new way to reach people on the go who are used to doing everything on their phones.


“I also like the concept that there are new things coming forward like credit card on hold, minimum payments, and being able to collect outstanding balances.

A hidden Gem

“The other thing, it's sort of a hidden gem, is Clearwave can have patients acknowledge office policies—whether it's a no-show charge, a HIPAA form, or a charge for a special service—before they can move on in the check-in process.

“We've had to use that more than once when a patient said, ‘I wasn't aware of that fee.’ Well, we can print those pages out from the system and show that the patient acknowledged the policy. That's a big one.

Increasing Staff Value

“Before Clearwave, we had to check eligibility by phone. We did it, but very slowly, very inconsistently, and probably not 100% of the time. It's just like everything else, you put a system in place, and when you don't watch it on a daily basis, you know that it kind of ebbs and flows. But it was a heavy, onerous, staff-involved process.

“To me, the value of the staff is connecting with patients. Doing the right care at the right time. It isn't always getting a patient’s card or collecting their money. That is something that you can defer to a machine, and probably do it better. That way, I can take our talent and have them actually interact in a manner, which is probably more important in a healthcare setting in 2019.

“We don’t have to rely on employees being perfect anymore. There’s no longer a concern about the transposition of numbers or redundant efforts. Having a reliable, consistent system that shows up every day, on time, and never takes a vacation, never calls at 6:30 in the morning to say, ‘I won't be there,’ all those things have become more and more important. Clearwave allows us to use our really good people in the right places instead of just a warm body smiling at a patient.

Clearwave: Amazing and innovative

“I think that their product and their people are excellent. For our purposes, I think they've done amazing things for the practice, and I think they'll continue to do some amazing innovations that will do nothing but help us. I'm thrilled with our decision.”

“I think that the Clearwave product and people are excellent. I think they've done amazing things for the practice, and I think they'll continue to do some amazing innovations that will do nothing but help us. I'm thrilled with our decision.”

“Clearwave had an understanding of what we were talking about, what we were looking for, and how we were trying to impact the practice. They immediately had a willingness to try to help us figure out how to connect to our EHR system.” 

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