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The Clearwave Connect Tablet is Here

Jan 22, 2020 12:00:00 PM

Today Clearwave is excited to announce Clearwave Connect, a tablet check-in solution that extends our industry-leading patient intake services to new and existing customers, providing more flexibility and choice in the way they utilize Clearwave solutions to support their practices. With Clearwave Connect, we are taking another step towards accomplishing our mission of offering practices and patients the best office experience by providing more flexibility in their check-in process.

The Clearwave Connect Tablet

What is Clearwave Connect?

Clearwave Connect is the latest edition to Clearwave’s check-in solutions: a tablet that gives practices more versatility in their front-office workflows, more flexible options to utilize physical space, and more ways to comfortably and accurately complete the check-in process.
Clearwave Connect extends Clearwave’s digital patient self-service engagement platform that allows patients to check in for appointments, remit payments and verify insurance eligibility, all in real-time.

Clearwave provides patient check-in solutions for hospitals and healthcare systems, physician practices, and a variety of specialty practices including Cardiology, OBGYN, Endoscopy, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Multi-Specialty, Primary Care, Neurology and Vascular.

A nurse assists a patient in using the Clearwave Connect Patient Check-In Tablet

The Clearwave Connect Tablet Introduces New Capabilities

Clearwave Connect has been designed with the patient and practice in mind. Clearwave Connect offers the same award-winning experience as the Clearwave Kiosk, helping enhance the patient check-in experience, allowing practices to make data-driven decisions, and improving office efficiency and performance.

Improving the Patient Check-In Experience

Check-in processes can be long and frustrating for patients and staff. Using self-service check-in services like Clearwave Connect can expedite your patients’ check-in, decreasing patient check-in times by 85% on average.

Clearwave Connect’s small footprint accommodates any size office - from small satellite clinics to shared remote offices where hardware must be carried in and out each day. The Connect tablet supports patients with mobility constraints as it can be offered to patients anywhere.

By supporting 13 languages, the Clearwave Connect interface enables custom check-in forms, allowing patients to view the language they are most comfortable with and confidently answer critical questions regarding their visit.

Making Data-Driven Decisions

Clearwave Connect allows you to make the best use of patient in-office time by collecting data in a discreet and familiar way – via a tablet. This gives patients the benefit of answering confidential questions in a more private setting, which reduces uncomfortable and awkward patient conversations at the front desk and increases accuracy.

With Clearwave Connect, practices control data collection with fully customizable forms and questionnaires presented to patients in the language of their choice. Capturing data via tablet allows you to avoid unnecessary paper forms, as well as obtain structured and accurate data while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Clearwave Connect offers integration capabilities with more than 40 of the most popular practice management and EMR/EHR software vendors, reducing redundancy and the need for manual data entry.

Increasing Office Efficiency and Performance

Clearwave Connect can help you improve your bottom line by automatically verifying insurance eligibility in real-time with higher accuracy and no staff involvement. This increases successful claims and reduces lost revenues with secure payment collections.

The Clearwave Connect tablet is available with an optional secure credit card payment attachment, allowing customers to pay co-pays and outstanding balances during their check-in process directly on the tablet.

Clearwave Connect promotes a faster patient check-in experience that allows your practice to fill exam rooms instead of waiting rooms. By improving patient throughput, you can get patients in and out seamlessly while freeing your staff for more value-added tasks at your practice.

A happy patient checking in using the Clearwave Connect Tablet

Clearwave Connect - A Flexible Addition to Your Check-In Experience

Clearwave Connect is designed to augment your check-in experience by offering superior flexibility, better data capture, and the support you need to improve your front-office performance.

Clearwave Connect allows your practice to collect secure payments, deliver a personalized experience, and obtain more accurate data in a consistent and structured manner. Additionally, it gives your patients a discreet and compliant way to provide meaningful use data by eliminating paper forms, reducing uncomfortable conversations, and providing a familiar response loop via tablet.

Clearwave’s flexible check-in solutions like Clearwave Connect and kiosk can accommodate any office size and budget, enabling healthcare providers to provide modern tools for today’s health care needs.

Interested in Clearwave Connect? The most flexible tool from the most trusted patient intake company helps patients check in, provide accurate data, confirm insurance, and securely process payments with unprecedented ease and effectiveness. 

See Clearwave in Action

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