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Acacia Network Upgrades Their Patient Access Solutions with Clearwave

Nov 29, 2018 11:05:28 AM

ATLANTA, GA AND NEW YORK, NY - Acacia Network, a Federally Qualified Health Center, located in the Bronx, New York is pleased to announce they have upgraded their patient access solutions by partnering with Clearwave to help launch a new, state-of-the art patient check-in system that caters to patient needs. Clearwave Corporation’s patient access solutions include self-service registration and eligibility verification via kiosk, desktop and mobile. The enhanced patient check-in process improves the patient experience, cuts patient wait time dramatically and produces a more efficient insurance verification and eligibility process. Acacia Network went live with Clearwave in 6 primary care clinics on August 25, 2018.

Acacia Network is particularly excited about Clearwave’s Mobile Pre-Check™. Mobile Pre-Check™ allows patients to quickly and easily provide necessary information for check-in any time, anywhere from their own mobile devices. Acacia Network front desk staff concentrate on assisting patients with proper follow-up processes, instead of spending their time scanning and copying and other clerical tasks that are time consuming.

Ron Howard, Acacia IT Project Manager, stated, “In our Primary Care and Behavioral Health practices alone, we are seeing approximately 7,000 to 8,000 patients per month.  We chose Clearwave because we were looking for the most user-friendly solution.  We wanted to level the playing field between privately funded institutions and federally qualified health centers and the services they provide.  Our patients deserve the same twenty-first century patient access tools that are becoming ubiquitous in private practices.” Howard continued, “Another Clearwave benefit is their ability to support multiple languages.  We see over 70% Hispanic patients, so providing all our communication with patients in Spanish as well as English is very important. Finally, we were extremely impressed with Clearwave’s real time eligibility and the reduction of claims denials.”

Clearwave Chief Operating Officer, Eric Anderson said “Improving patient access is our mission. Simultaneously we are improving the revenue cycle. We have successfully blended quality self-service with efficiency that helps both the patient and the healthcare provider see major changes immediately.” Anderson continued, “But the proof is our results. Our check-in times average 3 minutes or less at the kiosk and under 2 minutes with Mobile Pre-Check™.”

Through various points of reference, Clearwave receives patient data and cross references it to create a single identifier for a patient to ensure that the most accurate and up-to-date patient data is used when verifying plan benefits and submitting claims. Once the patient has been recognized, Clearwave then securely shares the patient data through its network connecting various healthcare entities and backend systems to help keep the patient data in sync while also enhancing the continuity of patient care.

Clearwave’s patient information exchange is part of a larger and more comprehensive portfolio of solutions that enhance an organization’s existing systems while improving current processes. Clearwave allows healthcare organizations to share patient data, lower healthcare administration costs, comply with federal and state regulations and improve the patient experience.

About Clearwave

Clearwave is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is the leading provider of Patient Information Exchange software, kiosk, mobile, and desktop self-service solutions. Clearwave’s Patient Information Exchange software integrates with healthcare provider existing systems and processes to verify patient demographics, insurance and payment information resulting in improved cash flow and administrative processes while enhancing patient experiences. Please visit www.clearwaveinc.com for more information.

About Acacia Network

The Acacia Network was founded in the late 1960’s to serve Puerto Rican families by creating a better place to live in the Latino New York Community. We provide primary care, behavioral health, housing, education, cultural and senior services. Our professional expertise, positive outcomes, and proven credibility ensure that we continually provide high quality care.  To learn more about the Acacia Network visit: www.acaciatnetwork.org


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