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5 Ways to Make Improvements To Your Medical Practice in 2020

Feb 10, 2020 10:30:31 AM

Welcome to the start of a new decade.

Does the New Year have you thinking about ways to develop your medical practice? In a rapidly changing landscape, it’s critical to adapt your practice to better suit your patient’s needs and modern expectations.

We can expect the next ten years to bring big change in the medical industry, and want to help you keep up with ways to improve your patient’s experiences, increase your bottom line, and streamline your internal processes.

Keep reading for 5 ways to make big improvements to your medical practice in 2020, making it your best year yet!

1. Implement patient check-in software

Closeup of a patient using the Clearwave Connect check-in tablet solution

Looking to reduce stress in your practice waiting room? More and more practices are embracing digital patient check-in. Modern practices are making the switch for a variety of great reasons, including:

● Decrease to patient wait times

● Up to a 60% increase in point-of-service collections

● 90% reduction in patient registration errors

The utilization of patient check-in software is a good thing for both patients and staff. It means shorter wait times, less paperwork, and less time spent correcting errors.

According to one article in Revcycle Intelligence, “Eliminating paper and manual processes is key to improving patient collections and the organization’s overall bottom line. Hospitals that provide a “superior” customer experience have net margins that are 50 percent greater than facilities with “average” customer experiences”.

Patient check-in software can take many forms. Whether you are looking for stationary patient check-in kiosks, mobile tablet check in systems, or mobile pre-check options that allow patients to check in on the go, adding digital check in functionality to your practice will keep you modern and efficient as we enter the new decade.

Try Our ROI Calculator Today!

2. Embrace multilingual options for your patients

Photo of a man using sign language

This year, what can you do to increase support for patients who may have difficulty communicating due to language differences?

In our article, Four Reasons to Build a Multilingual Practice, we discuss how the medical landscape is shifting and necessitating options to support Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patients.

A few options to better accommodate these patients are:

● Hiring staff fluent in languages that are prominent in your area

● Hiring certified medical interpreters to ensure accurate communication

● Providing multilingual patient check-in options

Patients who receive services that support their language differences tend to be safer and happier. According to the Journal of Medical Internet Research, “Patient-provider language discordance may negatively influence patient experience, leading to the patient disclosing less information and feeling negatively judged, vulnerable, disrespected, and helpless.”

When you provide solutions for LEP patients such as hiring multilingual staff, interpreters, and providing technical support that can improve patient check in, you create a better patient experience and increase the likelihood of patient referrals, return appointments, and support for your medical practice.

3. Adapt for patients on the go

A screenshot of the Clearwave mobile check-in solution

With Mobile Pre-Check, you can reduce paperwork filled in the office and duplicate entry required by your staff.

Here's how Mobile Pre-Check works:

● Before a scheduled appointment, the patient receives a reminder, either by text or by email

● Patients confirm their appointment then follow prompts to finish the pre-check process

● Patients verify all insurance and contact information, making any updates as necessary and signing forms electronically

● Once a patient arrives for their appointment, patients can alert staff that they are ready to be seen by verifying that they have arrived at a healthcare kiosk

How can mobile pre-check improve your practice?

Patients are happier because they can check-in when they want, and where they want. Meanwhile, mobile pre-check helps to alleviate pressure on your intake staff by creating a seamless, hands-off process.

What’s more, best-in-class patient check-in solutions will review eligibility during mobile pre-check, when patients arrive, and 7 times throughout per patient interaction. This improves the rate of collections and reduces accounts receivables.

Staff are also happier because mobile pre-check decreases registration errors by 90%!

All of these critical features help your practice to run more smoothly, making it a win-win for patients and staff. In the new decade, patients will continue to expect conveniences that help make their day easier and respect their busy schedules.

4. Reduce unnecessary waste

A closeup of the Clearwave check-in kiosk

Across almost all industries, environmental sustainability and waste reduction are at the forefront as we enter the new decade. What can businesses do to reduce their environmental impact and cut down on waste?

A few simple things your practice can do to reduce waste include:

● Switching paper towels for air dryers

● Swapping your paper forms for digital check-in options

● Replace paper-based billing with digital invoicing and automated billing

● Embrace recycling of paper waste, cardboard, newspapers, magazine, bottles, and plastics

● Invest in reusable medical supplies when possible

By starting small and reducing your paper use, recycling products, and investing in reusable medical supplies where possible, your practice can take steps toward better environmental sustainability that can be built on over time.

5. Ask your patients for feedback

A hand completing a feedback form

Want to know what you can do to improve your medical practice? Sometimes, it really is as easy as asking your patients.

Do they want to see more evening and weekend appointments? Do they want to learn more through webinars or educational talks?

The only way to find out may be as simple as asking them yourself. If you send out an email newsletter to your patients, consider putting together a short survey that patients can fill out. This can give you an idea of some of the improvements your patients are looking for that you may not have been aware of.

Asking patients for their opinion and what they want to see at your practice shows them you care about what they have to say. This is one more way you can stand out among the other many medical practices in your area!

Ready to get started?

Ring in the new decade with digital patient registration and check in software at your medical practice! Start implementing change for the better by scheduling a quick demo with Clearwave today.

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If you want 2020 to be your best year at your medical practice, we’re here to help make it happen.


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