Clearwave Solutions

Clearwave’s patient facing solution allows providers to see more patients, get paid faster and create a better environment for the patient.

  • Submit cleaner claims
  • Get reimbursed faster
  • See more patients
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Improve patient services

1. Appointment Scheduled in PM System

Data is sent to Clearwave. Insurance is validated in real-time.

2. Patient Arrives and Checks in at Registration Station

Average check-in time is less than 3 minutes.

3. Patient Data & Insurance Verified in Real-Time

CW customers experience an average of 60% reduction in claim rejections.

4. CW Registration Station Obtains Drivers License & Insurance Card Images (both sides)

Patients no longer have to give their DL and insurance cards to the front desk. The registration station will scan both sides right at the station.

5. Patient Fills Out HIPAA & Other Consent Forms via Registration Station

CW customers experience 70% less time in waiting room.

6. Patient Pays Co-pay & Any Outstanding Balances at Registration Station

Increase point of service cash collections by 50%.

7. Office Staff Able to Focus on the Patient Rather than Paperwork

CW customers can see more patients per day.

8. Integrates Seamlessly with Current PM System

30% reduction in administrative costs.

Eliminates Redundant Workflow Processes While Increasing Accuracy


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*Statistics taken from typical Clearwave customer results.

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