Patients should not have to be frustrated over the complicated world of healthcare. With Clearwave, patients will now be able to know first hand their healthcare options when it comes to insurance/benefits, eligibility, payment options and their own specific payer rules and requirements. If they are a patient without insurance they will quickly be able to understand their options for financial assistance.

Clearwave's solution offers patients the ability to take control of his/her own healthcare from the moment they walk in. Using the Clearwave registration station, patients can quickly check-in, know the requirements of eligibility, pay their co-pay, sign forms and update any information you may need from them. Through the Clearwave registration station, patients may also receive pertinent information from you on hours of operation, new services and/or other patient education you want them to know.

Clearwave's revolutionary technology:

  • Drastically reduces check-in times allowing you to see more patients
  • Shortens the waiting room time
  • Allows your staff to focus on each patient rather than on their paperwork
  • Increases patient satisfaction levels. High adoption/user rate among patents of all ages
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